Serving our neighborhood and beyond.....

CliffHouse Neighborhood Food Distribution


Jesus did not only meet the spiritual needs, but also the physcial needs of people. We are able to help meet the physical needs of our community through weeekly food distributions in our neighborhood. Through these distributions we are able to provide grocery items to families in our neighborhood. If you would like more information about this opportunity or are interested in volunteering, please contact Jenny Ingram at


​​CliffHouse Reading Club

According to "a student not reading at his or her grade level by the end of the third grade is four times less likely to finish high school on time, six times less likely for students from low income families" We believe that loving our neighbors as ourselves means supporting students as they are going through school. Through CliffHouse Reading Club, we are able to come along side young people in our neighborhood and assist them with their reading as well as share the love and truth of Jesus with them. If you are interested in volunteering for this program please contact Cristina at

CliffHouse Community  


Psalms 68:6a says, "God sets the lonely in families." CliffHouse Community is a gathering of our neighborhood families as we journey together to know God more.We meet on specific evenings as a community, for prayer, study,meals and time together. If you are interested in joining this gathering please contact Kenny Ingram at 


CliffHouse Missional Apprenticeship
Through our ministry journey, we began to see young adults discovering their true identity in Christ, His call and purpose on their lives, and, the fact that they were SENT people with Good News to share,and that they were spoiled for the ordinary. We often heard young adults share with excitement a statement like, "I grew up in church but, I've never experienced Jesus as I have out here on the streets, in the neighborhood, across the street on the university campus." As a result of this, we began CliffHouse Missional Apprenticeship. Through this residential internship apprentices are able to share family life, and fellowship while living on mission with Jesus out in our wonderful multi-cultural neighborhood. For more information please contact Kenny Ingram at .
CliffHouse High School and Middle School Mentoring 
As our ministry has grown, the youth that we serve have also grown. We have the opportunity to mentor and walk with an awesome group of middle schoolers and high schoolers. As we meet with our middle and high schoolers, we have the opportunity to engage our students through learning more about Jesus, through reading, serving in our neighborhood and hands on projects. ​
...But the people that know their God will display strenghth and take action. Daniel 11:32b