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ABOUT Us......


 Much has changed for My Cliffhouse these last few years.  Some of the changes are due to Covid, but in February 2023, we lost our fearless leader, Kenny Ingram.  What remains is a group of men and women who pour our hearts into meeting the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors in this food desert on N. Lancaster Ave.

The awesome group of volunteers come together every Thursday to sort and hand out much needed food products and fresh produce to about 300 neighbors a week.  It's a massive undertaking, but we feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction to see hungry families receive the food they need.

Kenny's essential part of picking up and delivering the food to the CliffHouse had to be hired out so we could continue this vital ministry.  Lloyd, the delivery service owner, has given us a good price weekly, but it's still costing $600 + per month which wasn't  budgeted.  If you'd like to help meet this need, there is a donation button at the top of the page; designate the gift as 'food'.  

Thank you for following and praying for us in this 'new' phase of our ministry.

A family on mission......

We believe that every Christ Follower is a 'Sent One'---sent to be a deliverer of Good News--news of eternal life, healing, restoration, forgiveness, blessing, peace, and hope.

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